Friday, December 25, 2009

Progress report

Progress has been not quite as quick as I would like lately,
(darn schoolwork - I'd rather be programming :P)
but I have been making some progress. Doing some work with Houdini for GMOgre, I have created a function that external graphics libraries can use to set a callback that is called on transform of a body. This is useful because supporting graphics libraries can update object positions with all most no overhead as compared to going through GM.

I will unfortunately not be able to hit my target of release this year, but I plan to release a beta for those who have been waiting so long for the new speed/features. It will mostly be for more experienced GMNewton users, because it does not have new documentation/examples yet.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Auto update issue in GMNewton 1

There appears to be an issue with the auto-update code in GMNewton 1. I was unaware of the issue until users brought it to my attention. It never happened to me during all my testing. I will be switching to GMAPI for the GM auto-update interface for GMN2.

Friday, December 4, 2009

GMC Account issues

I tried to change my email associated with my GMC account, and then it sent me an email to validate the new address. Unfortunately when I try to validate it says "This user does not need to be validated" When I try to post or send a message, it of course notifies me that I do not have the permissions to do so and has a link to re-send validation email. So for the time being, no word from me on the GMC :) I contacted a mod and hopefully I can get this worked out